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Fiorenzo Zaccarelli has been the Technical Director of a major Italian company for many years, building a comprehensive know-how of all technical problems concerning big structures and complex projects.
During the years, he acquired a specific competence in system design and in fire safety, and became member of the Central Technical Scientific Commission for Fire Safety at the Ministero dell’Interno, since its constitution in 1982.

As a member of the Commission he participated in many workgroups for the emanation of the Italian fire safety codes concerning Exhibitions,Historical buildings, Commercial activities, Parking lots, Hotels, etc.He has been CEO of STZ for more than 30 years and presently he is the President of STZ.



After the graduation at the Bocconi University and studies in the USA at the UCSD, University of
California San Diego, Guido Zaccarelli did the military service in the Italian National Fire fighters corp, Corpo Nazionale VVF (142° Training Course AVVA).
In 1995 he began his work in STZ as Fire technician and designer. He is inscribed in the Ministero dell’Interno lists according to Italian law D.Lgs. 139/2006 as Fire Technician and attended the Nazional Training Course as Fire Safety Engineer. Currently he is CEO of STZ.

He is currently:


Member of the NFPA, National Fire Protection Association;


Co-founder of Rhenova, a company network for the efficiency of the Italian Real Estate;


Co-founder of the FSE Italia consortium, a consortium that promotes the Fire Safety Engineer in Italy;


Member of APPI – Associazione dei Professionisti di Prevenzione Incendi, a national association of fire technicians;

Member of the Governing Council of APPI;


Treasurer of APPI;


Member of AIAS, Associazione Italiana Addetti alla Sicurezza, a national association concerning with safety and security;

Member, founder and vicePresident of the AIAS commission for Fire safety;


Member of UNI – Ente Italiano di Unificazione, the Italian official association that writes the technical codes;


Representative of Italy at the European Confederation of Fire safety Associations – CFPA-E;

Representative of Italy at the International Confederation of Fire safety Associations – CFPA-I;

Associate Expert at the Fire-IN H2020 project of the European Union;

Author of many publications concerning fire safety in Italy and abroad;


Teacher in many courses and seminars concerning fire safety;


Member of national and international technical workgroups at the Ministero dell’Interno for fire safety (for example, the technical workgroup for electric vehicles fire safety).

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